Im waiting.

How can all this time
You are blind to see
My worth? My value?

How can all this time
I still try to have you back?
Even if in the first place

I know, you don’t want me no more.

A body can only go 4-5 days without sleep, but I’ve gone years without rest.

When people can’t see anything good on you, Hug them. Because life can be difficult for the blind.

The imperfect curve

The imperfect curve

Im planning na magsulat sa wattpad yey. Yet, nagiisip ako ng plot twist na mawiwindang yung makakabasa then pangalan na gaganap. Sisimulan ko to sa sembreak yipieeee!

Don’t give up. What you’re going through will soon pass. It’s just a process. Stay strong.

Wanna know what hurts the most? The second in the morning when you just woke up, and for those mere precious second you’ve forgotten the reasons you’re unhappy, the reasons you’re so broken. And then it hits you again. Like a knife, that had stab you in your own heart. And then you remember the reasons why you don’t want to wake up. That hurts.

Looking for someone to talk to though, pm me my TA box is open in case you want to.

Im not saying this because I am mad. Im saying this because it’s too much. To the point I don’t know what should I feel. I feel betrayed, hurt, played.