11:17 pm

You never left my mind since that day.

My mistake was putting all my efforts and trust in you. I wish I have known better that all of this would goes to nothing.

Dont mind those people who dont see your worth, its okay. Life is to short to spend your time thinking how you would impress them. Life is not about battle who is greater and below. Its about being who you are and let everyone love you by the true you.

The problem here is I was the one who give their needs, yet I got stabbed in return. I care for their feelings but I got this issues which is not true that they created against me. After all I’ve shown, how I value our relationship as friends I was hurt all along. They only care when I die and that is the part where I feel broke. It’s because there is no one can supply their needs. So they care when its already late. Too late for me to know.

A haggard and stress face for the day goodnight.

A haggard and stress face for the day goodnight.

The feeling when someone would ask you what is wrong and you will say nothing when the truth is there is.

Your just tired on explaining what is it because in the end of the day no one will understand you but yourself.

Im so tired of this fuck up life, Im tired on holding to something I dont know if its worth it. Im tired of expecting and being hurt after. Im tired of crying to the same reason. Im tired being me.

Six months later you’ll find yourself drunk texting him that you miss him and he won’t respond.

This is beyond perfect.

I’m done trying. I’m done waiting. I’m tired. It’s over.

It was all easy to say, but baby none of them I can’t do. Can’t you see? Even though I am hurt and currently in the state of being broken I still love you with every piece.

I was excited almost to wake up and the first thing I did when my eyes are open is to find my phone and see if there is any new messages from you. But I wish I can go back to sleep and let my dreams sail me to you when I felt dissappointed when I got nothing.