Ubos na lakas ko. Goodnight. Di ko na madilat mata ko, pikit na talaga. Tulog na din kayo:)

You can say sorry. But the real apology is when you look at their eyes you can see pain and tears. You here the sadness in their voice. And it will hit you.. That they hurt themselves the way they hurt you.

The mistake you made today, I hope it would be a lesson to you tomorrow.

You can say sorry a million times, same as I love you so much as many as you want. You can say whatever you want, you can promise anything at any time. But here’s one thing. But if you don’t prove any things that you’ve done, then don’t say anything at all. Because, your words means nothing until it is proven by actions.

Yung mga manhid? Sila yung mga taong minsan nag mahal, pero ginago lang.
I thought I already knew what really pain is.. But I didn’t until I saw the way you looked at her.

I’m the ugly sister
I’m the horrible daughter.
I never been a first choice.
I’m the “leftover”..
I’m not the clever one.
I’m not the skinny one.
I’m not the talentless one.
I’m the “why are you even here?”

I’m not just good enough. Never will be.

Sometimes, giving up doesn’t mean you really want to. But because no one’s believing you anymore.

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